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Celebrating Life Bakery, the bakery that makes the difference!

As the name says, Celebrating life Bakery aims to celebrate each being’s intrinsic values, culture, integrity, compassion and individuality.

Our actions are vigilantly crafted through the lens of humanity - embarking with our commitment to making flavorful and exceptional quality cakes, to our professional yet warm customer connections and extending the same to our partners as we prevail our business responsibly and mindfully. We are our own benchmark, and we hope to set the standard for the rest to follow.

We strive to deliver outstanding customer service every time a cake leaves our Bakery. From the moment an order is placed through the phone, or the customer walks through our door to the last minute when the cake is relished by our customer, we want to delight, enrich and satisfy.
We go beyond our limits, as we extend our altruistic intentions to those who are most often overlooked, through our social concept of “Cake for Cake”

Cakeforcake concept was one of the nine finalists of Citizen watches “Better Starts Now campaign that aimed to provide financial assistance to deserving social causes in UAE

Together, we spread happiness!



To Spread Happiness by providing paramount customer experience while leading the way for socially conscious businesses.


  • We value each soul and we want to celebrate their being.

  • It’s a lot more than buying/ selling, we focus on the dream experience.

  • It’s not about convincing, persuading and selling; it’s about understanding!

  • We honor our customer’s values and strive to form meaningful relationships with them


Celebrate 1 million labourers in UAE and make CakeforCake movement an inspirational model from Abu Dhabi to the world

Meet the Family

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