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Easter Celebrations 2018

Easter, yet another time to celebrate.

Don’t you just love it….but who needs excuses to celebrate (that said in a really loud voice) I fear I maybe repeating myself here(if you’ve read my previous blogs you’ll know what I mean), so let me move on to what I’m really talking about. What’s the first image that comes to your mind when you think “Easter” (in this commercially driven world, I might add)? Hmmmm…?

I can hear Easter Bunny’s, Easter Eggs, maybe even some adorable fluffy yellow Easter chicks…awwww :) and let’s not forget children getting their fingers all dirty with painting those Easter eggs.

I remember hunting for eggs when I was that age but that was eons ago, I need to change the subject quickly before you start to get all smart and try to calculate my age. Gasp! How dare you! I wouldn’t want that now would I! :))

Easter this year falls on 1April. Where has this year gone, I hear you say! I know right?! It’ll be first quarter done and dusted already.

Since it’s the start of a working week in this part of the world, I guess all the revellers who do observe Easter will plan their parties over the weekend that follows Easter Sunday.

That’s my plan of action for sure.

I’m having some close friends and family come over for a meal on 6April and have a pot-luck, where everyone gets a dish.

I took advantage of the fact that I was hosting the event and decided to choose what I’d be in charge of, guess what that is - The decadent dessert of course.

I was thinking about going for the Chocolate Fudge Cake. It’s got that rich chocolate taste that just hits the right spot with those taste buds.

Ok it’s not your typical Easter dessert, but hey it just happens to be another one of my favourites, don’t go judging me here.

So what is a typical Easter dessert really?

I guess you could make anything an Easter dessert just by popping some miniature eggs (could use almond sweets to pass off as eggs) atop a cupcake like this one or even a full blown cake, like this irresistible Mikado Chocolate Mousse. Don’t worry we won’t mind you taking credit for redesigning one of our own :)

If you want to be more adventurous, maybe hide some little chocolate eggs inside a cake.

Just so my friends remember what I’m hosting this evening for haha.

Those are the perks of working at a bakery, I get to see all the cakes right in front of me and take my pick. Maybe you could help me choose something, what say?!

Well, that’s it, I’m all set! Roll on Easter Celebrations.

To know what you’ve got planned is so liberating.

Do you want to feel liberated?

Then why don’t you just give us a call or come on down and have a coffee with me while you ponder on which cake will get you all set for your Easter Celebrations.

I'm very curious to know what you decided to serve as dessert for Easter. Go on, tell me here, can't wait to hear from you.

Happy Easter all you lovely people!

The CLB Team.

*Pls be advised all the content in this blog is a reflection of my own experiences and no reader is expected/obligated to do/feel the same. All the information provided on this blog is for entertainment purposes only.

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