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Post Holiday Surprise!

So here we are back to the grind and everyone is slowly getting back on track.

It’s so exciting when we are packing to go away for holidays, but coming back ultimately takes all the air out of the excitement on our return. Unpacking suitcases are such a monotonous affair, I’m sure you’ll agree. Loads of washing and drying to be done, while the fridge stares emptily at you when you want to get down to eating a nice home cooked meal after oh so many days.

Yup, supermarket shopping is your next demon that you need to tackle. Stack the shelves and bring on the fresh fruits and vegetables; after all we did indulge in junk every now and again stopping on route while driving long distances to take in the sights and sounds of new beautiful cities.

For some, you need more than the physical lift-me-up sort of magic. You need the memories to keep you going.

For others, you just hit the ground running and go with the flow. The realists I call you, ready to move on and take it in your stride. (That's me, by the way :))


Hey, it doesn’t matter which one you are, if you’re looking to cheer up and get over those holiday blues, here’s some great news.


Celebrating Life Bakery is revamping its logo and to celebrate we are giving out a free mono portion cake with every 1Kg cake you order. (Terms and conditions apply)

Just call us on 02 642 7702 or 050 316 2779 and place your order to avail this promotion.

Now get on with your unpacking and regular chores, but remember we are here to help you do it all with a smile.

The CLB Team

*Pls be advised all the content in this blog is a reflection of my own experiences and no reader is expected/obligated to do/feel the same. All the information provided on this blog is for entertainment purposes only.

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